The overall objective of Street Culture Entrepreneurship Alliances & Action Plans is to implement the mechanisms for sustainable collaboration between organisations and stakeholders so that the new entrepreneurs who improve their skills can find a supportive environment for the development of their street culture businesses.

The output fits into the wider ethos of the project by recognising that complex problems such as the upskilling (through VET) and inclusion of everyone in our society necessarily requires more holistic approaches than can be achieved on our own. For this reason, the target group is specifically the leaders and decision-makers of stakeholder organisations in VET, economic development, cultural innovation and social inclusion.

The specific objectives of the Alliances are to:

  • Build awareness of the value of practical collaboration in this field
  • Enable knowledge sharing to enrich and better support skills’ development in the field of street culture entrepreneurship.
  • Guide the participating organisations to agree and commit to concrete actions to support street culture entrepreneurship in their city
  • Learn from the approach, document it and share it to encourage other cities to follow suit.

Each Alliance will deliver 3 clear results: