We wish to connect people and institutions active in street culture, education, social entrepreneurship, inclusion and participation and, above all, cultural heritage. Our goal is to support a culture of inclusion where everyone can get involved, be creative and improve their skills.

In recent months, each Partner has met with their collaborating stakeholders at least three times. Our different approaches to creating the Regional Alliance have resulted in a cohesive and diverse network that supports young people and their entrepreneurship in street culture, street art, inclusion, events, fashion, and urbanism. Belfast, Bordeaux, Porto, Athens, Lodz and Galway have much in common in engaging with multiculturalism and emerging cultural scenes. Together, we work on a guide to implementing ongoing collaboration between organisations, so that investment in street culture entrepreneurship training will impact social inclusion and social-economic development.

EBE Belfast UK provides business advice and training. They help individuals to start up in business and support the growth of established enterprises.

The UK Regional Partnership works through a series of formal meetings of partner members, led by East Belfast Enterprise. Their main aims are to work with regional stakeholders on street culture, develop cross-sector relationships and networks, and support the economy. A key theme is a dialogue with stakeholders to consider what constitutes street culture in a local context. EBE is planning to explore events that give established street businesses and budding street entrepreneurs the opportunity to network and discover the support available to them.

EDRA Greece promotes monuments and heritage as part of street culture opportunities. During the meetings, they tried to connect street artists and street culture professionals with entrepreneurial opportunities to map and strengthen already existing initiatives. The participating organisations can research more in-depth and get a clearer idea of the existing policies and programmes. EDRA invited representatives from the Municipality of Athens and some of the most prominent foundations in the Greek cultural sector to share current opportunities and potential job offers in street culture and to plan future collaborations. In particular, they focused on connecting stakeholders: NGOs, education centres, street culture companies and independent artists. The Alliance will be able to combine educational expertise with community networking and present and promote the project to relevant groups.

Le LABA Bordeaux France brings together several groups active in street culture in New Aquitaine, specifically in street art. Bordeaux and its region have a significant resource of organizations working in food, festivals, street art, alternative tourism, urbanism, sport, dance, fashion, markets etc. The meetings with regional partners focus on the Chahuts Festival. Le LABA hosted a professional encounter in June 2022. The stakeholders: institutions and students met with a food truck, skate shop, hip hop entrepreneurs and street artists. They discussed sharing of space, the institutionalization of street culture, and what the city can do to improve the sector. Students presented the importance of citizen participation in thinking about public space and urbanism. Le LABA will organize the training in Bordeaux for entrepreneurship trainers from participating countries.

AHE Łódź Poland aims to promote collaboration between young entrepreneurs, artists, and their towns. The University of Humanities and Economics will use the educational modules developed in the Street Culture for Regions project to improve educational scenarios. It will help students gain entrepreneurial skills and draw young people’s attention to street art and culture’s potential. The university coordinates conferences during which, together with the partners, they offer open panels and workshops for young people. Combining dance, art, and modern technology, the curricula introduce new business models to entrepreneurship education. Stakeholders of the Lodz Alliance represent educational institutions working with local culture and VET organizations.

Momentum Ireland has an experience in training, mentoring and online learning.

The goal of their Alliance is to bring stakeholders from the areas of street and social entrepreneurship, cultural inclusivity, VET and youth education from Ireland West/NorthWest together to improve their capabilities to understand and support the opportunities through street culture. The stakeholders range from networks of female entrepreneurs to individual artists. They are farmers and their wives who sell goods and products, craftspeople who sell online, and people of different cultures adding entrepreneurial benefit to the area. Momentum aims to promote creative entrepreneurship in the West/NorthWest area establishing the value of street culture in a fully commercial sense.

P.PORTO Portugal Polytechnic Institute connects the academic and the business centres around Porto to a common goal in street culture. Together with MOMENTUM Ireland and EDRA Greece, they work on the TRAINER’S GUIDE for Street Culture Entrepreneurship and Open Educational Resources (OERs): the modules for training entrepreneurship approach and starting a business in the field of street culture. The modules will be available for young people through the mobile application.

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