Esch sketch … Luxembourg’s second largest town is full of wonderful street art. Photograph: Chris Vandermerghel

From Penge to Sardinia, exuberant street art makes neighbourhoods more vibrant and casts light on local history and culture – or just gives you a laugh

Winning trip: Artistic highs, Esch, Luxembourg

The European Capital of Culture 2022 Esch-sur-Alzette (or simply Esch) is full of beautiful urban art. Some of it refers to the city’s industrial past, some of it to its modern cultural development and local heroes. Many of them are as high as the buildings they figure on which creates a spectacular impression. Artists come from all over the world, Dulk from Spain, Mantra from France for example, to realise their projects with the support of the city of Esch. It is hard to choose a favourite. They provide the city with colour and character and are a statement to all who visit. Here be art! I simply love it. – Chris Vandermerghel



Bristol is synonymous with music and street art and there is no better example of the two combined than the massive One Love DJ Derek mural, created by some of the finest street artists in the world. Inkie, Hazard One, Kosc and Zed in the Clouds painted this colourful and vibrant tribute to the enigmatic DJ. It is a celebration of the multicultural approach Bristol holds close to its heart. The major scoop for all you street art fans is that an augmented reality experience centred on the mural is soon to be announced. It celebrates Derek’s life and 40-year DJ career, was created by digital artist Marc Marot and is accompanied by music from Bristol legends Laid Blak. It can be found near junction 2 on the M32 in Eastville.
Jonathan Savage


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