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P.PORTO is excellence in higher education, but is also a space of ideas and results in which we make a difference. We are a dynamo of cultural change, in our city, in our region, in our country. We try to meet current demands, building bridges between the academia, the world of work and civil society.

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K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA” Short description: The organisation “Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups – EDRA” (Abbreviation: K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA”) is a Non-Profit Organisation- Social Cooperative, operating in the fields of mental health and intellectual disability since 2001, raising awareness on matters concerning mental health and defending the rights of vulnerable groups. K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA” operates in the following

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University of Humanities and Economics (AHE)

University of Humanities and Economics (AHE) What is AHE? AHE is a place that shapes your creative approach to the world. AHE prides itself on developing people's inner potential.   The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz was established in 1993. It is one of the largest non-public institutions of higher education in Poland.

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LE LABA located in Bordeaux, France

Founded in 2013, Le LABA located in Bordeaux, France, is a centre of expertise specialized in European funding in the creative and cultural industries sector. LABA helps organisations to identify, raise and manage European funds, helping them in their internationalization strategy and in their local development strategy. We have supported more than 70 European projects

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Momentum are educators and innovators primarily operating in vocational education sector

Momentum are educators and innovators primarily operating in vocational education sector. As specialists in EU projects, we have over 20 years of experience in writing, designing, and implementing high impact projects (like Street Culture for Regions!). The transfer of innovation from Ireland to Europe and reverse is key to our work while cultural development and promotion has always

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Changing Europe…one learner at a time

"Changing Europe…one learner at a time" The European E-learning Institute (EUEI) is committed to providing high-quality learning experiences and innovative educational programmes which engage learners from a range of sectors and socio-economic backgrounds. EUEI is committed to promoting social cohesion, inclusion and sustainability across Europe, making them a perfect fit for the Inclusion

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East Belfast Enterprise

East Belfast Enterprise Established in 1995, East Belfast Enterprise (EBE) is a progressive social enterprise, which was developed to provide incubation workspace and training/mentoring initiatives to support new and established businesses. EBE deliver enterprise, training and support programmes to circa 150 entrepreneurs each year, helping them to start-up and grow their businesses.  They

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Tips for starting your own street business: street food, or street art!

Tips for starting your own street business: street food, or street art! Knowing where to start is often the hardest part, step 1, do your research. It is vitally important to know the market or industry you are entering into, this will give you a competitive advantage.

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