East Belfast Enterprise

Established in 1995, East Belfast Enterprise (EBE) is a progressive social enterprise, which was developed to provide incubation workspace and training/mentoring initiatives to support new and established businesses. EBE deliver enterprise, training and support programmes to circa 150 entrepreneurs each year, helping them to start-up and grow their businesses.  They also provide workshops, serviced offices and co working space across two site in Belfast, Northern Ireland, supporting 100 tenant businesses.

Within Belfast, Street Culture is gathering momentum, with more and more entrepreneurs entering the cultural, artistic, street food and performing arts space, each year.  East Belfast Enterprise are glad to be involved in the ERASMUS+ Street Culture for Regions project, as it will support and stimulate the continued growth of street culture within Belfast, providing tools, a local Alliance and OERs to support those looking to launch and grow their business, within these industries and the entrepreneurs we provide support to.